Leaf Time to Wander

Photo courtesy of outsideinn.com

Some things that nature does are so aesthetically pleasing to humans it’s hard not to think of them as generosity. Oh, you shouldn’t have! Gorgeous crimson, gold and amber leaves, for me? If all the deciduous trees dumped mud-brown leaves every fall and that was all we’d ever seen, we could accept that. It would be fine and we would think of it as part of the natural cycle. But instead what we get is a visual treat, much to the delight of the eye and the mind. Like lenticular clouds, fireflies and the aurora borealis, fall foliage feels like nature going above and beyond the call of duty. And Nevada County is rich with crimson maples, golden oaks and flaming liquidambars. Every autumn, as the days grow shorter, photosynthesis slows and less chlorophyll - which makes leaves green- is produced. This allows the other, more flashy, pigments to become visible. Even the poison oak turns red! In our part of California there are crisp fall days when the sun plays on the leaves in a way that makes the overall effect downright heavenly. So grab a map and take a tour- here’s one resource: www.nevadacitychamber.com/images/fallcolors.pdf